Alice Chadwick

I am a drama graduate from a few years ago but always passionate about theatre and performing, I am looking to get back into the creative world of work. I have experience with storytelling and museum theatre as well as a few am dram productions, and a Curtain Call Award Nominee

I have experience in, and passion for, museum theatre and storytelling (for adults and children). 

I grew up, not going to an annual pantomime, but going to see Kneehigh shows indtead, and that has influenced the theeatre that i enjoy watching, and being part of. 

I was a Costumed Interpreter at Milestones Museum in Basingstoke for 5 years, I have been involved in several local theatre productions, and am a storyteller. I have a bit of a music background but haven’t been very active recently, would like to start again, I play the cello and thee flute.

Am moving to Bristol and want to get involved in whatever I can, looking for new opportunities.