Alicia Ancel

Inspire me with your new ideas and challenge me every step of the way. I love working with people and being creative in everything i do.

I like to have an active role within my surrounding community, therefore i get involved with as much as i can.

I do lots of different volunteering work, working with various groups of people and experiencing the buzz of Bristol and its surrounding areas.

I play basketball as well as having an interest in lots of various sports.

I Love to paint in my own time.

As an Equity member; acting in where my biggest passion lies, it always inspires and excites me. I love playing different characters and working with different groups to learn from them and use it to develop myself as a performer!!

To view some of my work please check out my website: 



WD Bathrooms (2014)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - WD Bathrooms (2014)
Online presenter, filmed by Gareth Davies

Escalation (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Escalation (2013)
A short film written and directed by Catarina Oliveira. I play Joanna a Bristol activist set in the near future. The story following Joanna and and how she deals with this turning point in her life…

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Lucidity (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Lucidity (2013)
Playing the role of a female computer, written and directed by Michael Steadman.

At Rest (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - At Rest (2013)
Playing the role of Alicia where the mistress meets the wife. Written and directed by Natasha Melbourne-Telfer as a collaborative piece.

Dogend (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Dogend (2013)
I played the role of Valentine in this film noir for the 0117 challenge for Encounters. Written by Santosh Veeranki, Thomas Brooks u0026 Natasha Melbourne-Telfer – Directed by Santosh Veeranki.

Aardman Voice-over (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Aardman (2013)
Voice-over work for Aardman in my natural voice for a German company.

Honda (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Honda (2013)
A selection of voice overs for a Honda training session on good customer service. Directed by Jeremy Routledge from Calling the Shots.

Bristol Airport (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Bristol Airport (2013)
Still photographs for a business woman and a holiday maker – showing the facilities available through their website. Directed by Jim Johnston Photography.

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Change4Life (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Change4Life (2013)
Acting as a young animated mum for ‘Smart Restart’ campaign under the Change4life scheme. Directed by Steve Harding-hill and ready for national release this year.

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Shelter (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Shelter (2013)
A short viral film for the Shelter charity website for Realising Ambition. Playing a disadvantaged young mother and working with young kids. Directed by Santo Veeranki and Gareth Davies.

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Dyson (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Dyson (2013)
Hand Modelling for Dyson hoovers – Photographs by Mike Cooper.

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Horizon (2014)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Horizon (2014)
An online Sci-fi action web-series written and directed by Paul Dudbridge and Simon Pearce. Alicia plays the role of Chloe and appears in 6/10 episodes.

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Direct Line (2014)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Direct Line (2014)
Model for Direct Line insurance – getting ready for the launch of their new brand. Photographed by Jim Johnson.

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MERCS (2014)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - MERCS (2014)
A feature film following a mercenary mission through the eyes of Dr Lara Kemp, played by Alicia Ancel. Written and directed by Michael Morris from Basement Ac Productions.

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Provident Financial (2014)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Provident Financial (2014)
National commercial in co-ordination with Aardman Animations.

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What if its True? (2011)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - What if its True?
A newly written Musical Production, Written and directed by Mark Seaman, Musical composer Peter Marshall. As Kathy I played the wife of Chris Blake where the plot guides us through the positives and negatives that we gain from a relationship.

Voice Overs (2011)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Voice Overs
Tom Bennett from Interactive Places; I did two voice over roles (Cole and Millard) for Laycock Abbey, part of a project with National Trust.

Sherlock (2011)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Sherlock (S2E2)
Series 2, Episode 2 – As police staff, commiting to late night shifts

A Midsummer Nights Dream (2011)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - A Midsummer Nights Dream (1930's)
As Hermia of Athens Studios, in a 1930’s style. This film star take on Shakespeares most popular comedy, ‘Knives Out’ created a complete success of this out door production at the Folk House in Bristol.

Kingswood Heritage Museum (2011)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Kingswood Heritage Museum
Rehearsed readings to raise awareness of the museum’s facilities and local community. Done through Papercut Productions

Bath Shorts (2011)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Bath Shorts
Two plays, Four shows, One afternoon every Saturday. Playing the roles of Kelda in ‘Antique Antics’ (a young childlike carless girl) and Zuhno in ‘Hidden Treasure’ (a feisty Spanish adolescence trying to find love and protect her family values). Written and Directed by Sam Blake.

The Royal Baccarat Scandal (2011)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - The Royal Baccarat Scandal
Written by Royce Ryton, Directed by St.Ursulas Marie O’Sullivan 2011. I played the role of Ethel Lycett-Green from the Wilson Family at Tranby Croft.

Short FIilms (2011)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Short FIilms (2011)
– The Stepford Dolls (Director: Louise Baxter)rn- As good as it Gets (Director: Vince Pellegrino)rn

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Murder Mystery (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Murder Mystery (2012)
Murder by Magic with Theatre Giant (Written and directed by Peter Snee). Several performances undertaken!

Fast Forwards Films (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Fast Forwards Films
Training film to help people with interview techniques. I played Jo Bredy, a manager of a hotel conducting an interview; directed by Martin Gill.

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Short Films (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Short Films (2012)
– Pending Identity (Director: Vanessa Schneider)rn- I Saw You (Director: Jay Oliver Yip)rn- 3D; Projects of the Future (Michael Steadman)rn- Big Pink (Trevor Walsh)rn- Luminous Sky (Director: Catarina Oliveira)

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Trollied (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Trollied (2012)
Series 2, Episode 4, Directed by Paul Walker – shown on Sky One!

Office Olymics (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Office Olymics (2012)
Playing the role of Steph, the fashionable, bitchy and daring employee. Directed by Zubair Niwaz and written by Davey Star for The University of the West of England.

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Jealous Bride (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Jealous Bride
A comic Murder Mystery, playing the role of Lady Cath Etterre. Written by Steve Woodford, Performed for an Event.

The Anarchists Birthday (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - The Anarchists Birthday (2012)
Feature film written and directed by Patch Blake. I play Keeley – a totally undignified chav with pure loyalty for her boyfriend James. Produced by Gutter Gold Films.

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The Kebab Killer (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - The Kebab Killer
Written and directed by Santoshmohan Veeranki. A graphical short horror film where i play the victim fighting for her freedom.

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Dark Vision (2012)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Dark Vision (2012)
A full length psychological horror feature film written by Darren Flaxstone and Bernie Hodges. Directed by Darren Flaxstone and filmed in Bristol. I play Marva Clewes who is an Ex soap star trying to boost her ratings but Spencer Knights (The Presenter) has different plans for me……….

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Jumping Man (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Jumping Man 2013
Short Film written and directed by Michael Steadman. I play Alice who is the supporting actress in this special effects film.

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The End (2013)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - The End (2013)
A short film written and directed by Santoshmohan Veeranki (Boy Genius Productions). I play Jamilia a young mother following a very unconventional lifestyle with twists and turns throughout.

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Joseph Andrews (2010)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Joseph Andrews
A comedy by Henry Fielding, performed in Blaise castle with the AAD as an umbrella production!

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The Donahue Sisters (2010)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - The Donahue Sisters
A one act play by Geraldine Aron performed as part of the 2010 One Act Festival and the Apollo Players Spring Production!

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Casualty (2010)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Casualty (Walk on)
Episode 10, Series 25, The Concert Crush!! Also in a number of previous episodes…….

Wu-How (2010)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - BBC3 Wu-How
A Ninja’s Guide to Pretty much Everything!!rnSee me as a Ninja or presenting in mime!!

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Far Away (2010)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Far Away (Bristol Old Vic)
A community chorus was called up to support Caryl Churchill’s Play Far Away at the Bristol Old Vic, directed by Simon Godwin.

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Comic Potential (2009)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Comic Potential
An Alan Ayckbourn play, with lots of challenging ideas!!

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A Busy Day (Minack 2007)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - A Busy Day
Performed with Janus Theatre Company in the Minack. I played Eliza.

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Little Women (2006)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Little Women
Written by Louisa M Alcott, adapted by Emma Reeves , performed with Apollo Players. I played Amy.

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Ladies’ Day (2010)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Ladies' Day
A day at the races as Linda from up north, written by Amanda Whittington.

Skins (2010)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Skins (S5E6)
Series 5, Episode 6 on E4. In the role of a young Doctor, Directed by Jack Clough.

Upstairs Downstairs (2010)

Portfolio image: Alicia Ancel - Upstairs Downstairs
Series 1, Episode 1 2010. The first in the remake, dressed in jewls and furs.