Andrzej Wawrowski – writer

I am a Bristol-based professional writer with many years’ experience in commercial communications. I have branched out into writing for performance for small-scale theatre productions. I’ve written a children’s book too – ‘Sapan and the Demon of Diwali’ – you can read it now on Amazon Kindle.


‘Sapan and the Demon of Diwali’

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Inspired by the great Indian epic, The Ramayana – but quite a lot shorter! – this is a tale of young friendship, the awesome power of nature, and a shape-shifting world where nothing is ever quite what it seems. Join Sapan and Jeevika on a fantastic, funny, and scary journey as they battle the forces of darkness with the forces of light, a monkey, and a very useful rucksack!

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‘Phoebe Kiss Kiss’

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A short but sweet monologue about the delusions of an art graduate, in love with Phoebe and in love with himself. Expertly performed by Emily Rockett at the BrisTales short plays event in Bristol.

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‘Any time is tea time now!’ and ‘Blind Date 1952’

Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - Harbourside Jubilee Trail - listen up!
Two monologues commissioned by Show of Strength Theatre Company for the 2012 Harbourside Jubilee Trail around Bristol docks. ‘Any time is tea time now’ (with Kate McNab) and ‘Blind Date 1952’ (with Gerard Cooke as Mervyn from Montpelier) were recorded as radio pieces.

‘Eyes Wide Open’

Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - 'Eyes Wide Open'
Show of Strength Theatre asked for submissions for their Recycled Stockings Christmas show at the Southville Centre for December 2011. My piece was chosen [along with 5 others] from a number of submissions. It is called ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and looks at Christmas Eve through the eyes of a child who wants to meet Santa, and is just too excited to get to sleep! The actress is Nadia Williams, the photo is by Zuleika Henry.

‘We need to talk about Heaven’

Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - 'We need to talk about Heaven'
A short drama about a couple reassessing their relationship through the calming medium of meditation. Bitter – yes. Sweet – not really. Part of Short Sharp Shows, 13 September 2014, Zion Community Arts Space, Bristol:


Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - 'Monster'
When a girl appears at Dan’s door claiming she’s being chased by a big bad wolf and her grandmother is in danger he is baffled and reluctant to help, just who is the big bad wolf and who is being chased? Part of Short Sharp Shows, 21 September 2013, Zion Community Arts Space, Bristol.

‘The Bump’

Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - 'The Bump'
“Hello Dan… hope you don’t mind me being on first name terms so soon. You think I’m a vulnerable little blob don’t you? A half-formed jelly baby with no will-power and no proper digestive system. Well think again. Think again Dan. There are three of us in this relationship – so it is a bit crowded.”rnrnDan is convinced his partner’s unborn child wants him out. Especially when it starts talking to him. rnrn’The Bump’. A 45 minute radio drama by Andrzej Wawrowski. rn

‘Achilles’ Paw’

Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - Achilles’ Paw
Dave has built a time machine. He thinks. Dorothy wants to travel with him. She thinks. But where does the true unknown lie? Why does Dave keep looking at his watch? And just what is it about Achilles’ Paw? A short play performed by BS13 Theatre Company, Bristol, as part of its ‘Venture into the Unknown’ show, with Kirsty Cox and Chris Yapp:

My two playlets part of sell out shows at Alma Theatre

Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - My two playlets part of sell out shows at Alma Theatre
My short plays Achilles’ Paw and The Conscious Uncoupling get rave audience reviews (the best kind!) as part of Escapists, three sell out shows at the Alma Theatre, Bristol, 6-8 April 2016. Directed by June Trask and performed by Stephanie Harte, Beth Collins, Joshua Phillips and Calum Anderson.

‘Lost’ – 3 writers – 3 comedies – 3 ways to lose it

Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - 'Lost' - 3 writers - 3 comedies - 2 ways to lose it
‘Lost’ is 3 comedy dramas performed at the Alma Theatre, 11-13 May 2017. My play, ‘Dummy’, is a twisted comedy-drama about unhinged children’s entertainer Dennis Turp. From humble beginnings on the local circuit, Dennis has taken his show – with ‘co-star’ Charlie Chimpington – to the top. Now, as America awaits, the pressure is on.rnWith a Machiavellian girlfriend, an ineffectual agent and a toy monkey with ambitions of his own, Dennis is cracking up. Like Hi-de-Hi directed by The League of Gentlemen, ‘Dummy’ welcomes you to the dark side of light entertainment. The talented performers are Russell Eccleston, Lisa Stapleton, David Cole and Geoff Mills.

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‘Joe. Morag. And an Urn’ – a Saturday Shorts winner!

Portfolio image: Andrzej Wawrowski - writer - 'Joe. Morag. And an Urn' - a Saturday Shorts winner!
My script ‘Joe. Morag. And an Urn’ was chosen [along with 5 others] from more than 200 submissions to the ‘Saturday Shorts 3’ scriptwriting competition run by the Folk House, Bristol. It was performed – script in hand – on 9 June 2012 at the Folk House. The judges said it was ‘nicely structured, funny, and moving’.


Rehearsal space (refurbished rooms in Primary School)

Holymead Hub is a fantastic recently refurbished space in Holymead Primary School, Brislington (off the Bath Road). It is very spacious with lots of natural lighting, and has a nice kitchen too. Competitive rates for day or evening hire. Call Judith Buckley, School Business Manager, Holymead Primary School on 0117 9030377 or email [email protected]