Angus Brown

I am an Actor and a Creative Workshop Practitioner (Drama, Storytelling &Creative Writing) who works on a Solo basis as well as Collaboratively re: Creative Projects – in Community, Educational, Commercial & Corporate settings. Currently building a ‘track record’ in Writing, Directing and Producing Theatre & Film.
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As an Actor & Workshop Practitioner, I’m very familiar with both Theatrical and Filmic environments and am well able to initiate and develop related Creative Projects. I am self-driven, a catalyst and natural motivator by nature. I enjoy working collaboratively.

Having worked on past projects in Employment/Training/Education, Drugs/Alcohol, Homelessness, Nature conservation, Learning Difficulties, Supported Housing, Youth, Project Development Work, Sales,  etc. –  I have gathered extensive experience working with a massive range of people at all levels in different sectors.

Currently developing my experience in Writing, Directing & Producing in both Theatre & Film.

Contact me on 07976 585 376 or send me an email to [email protected] to discuss any projects that you think I may be able to help you with.