Anna Johnston

I am trained as a fine furniture maker and have also worked with various artists and on theatre sets.

Please take a look at my CV….


2013 – 2014 David Savage School of Fine Furniture

2005 – 2008 University of Manchester

Upper Second Class Honours in History of Modern Art



2012 – 2013 Building and Running bar space, Berlin

Our collective took on the role of creating (building and running) a bar space within the Brunnen 70 club space. The space changed every month and featured various artistic installations, a labyrinth, and giant board games.


2010 Wwoofing, Sweden

Living within an Amish community, I learned how to drive working horses in order to plough fields. As there was little electricity, I learned how to live in a self sustaining manner – growing my own food and using wood for fuel.


2009 Artist Assistant for John von Bergen, Berlin

Learnt a lot about the mould making process by making silicone moulds the manipulating them into strange forms and creating fibre glass/polymer gypsum casts.


2008 Scenic Artist at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Focused on the in-depth practice of painting and texturing backdrops and floors.


2004 – 2005 Teaching Art/Literacy, Accra

Worked as a teacher and introduced two after school classes each week on reading and art.


Courses Completed

2010 – Short Taxidermy course.

2010 – Book binding course.

2009 and 2010 –  Intensive courses on prosthetics for film and TV.

2008 – Completed 120 hour TEFL course.



John Von Bergen, Artist, Berlin

Daren Millman, Senior Craftsman, Rowden Farm Workshop, Devon.