Anna Kachina Scott

A young director and producer ready to throw myself into creative ventures

Anna is a theatre producer and director working in Bristol. 

Co-Artistic Director of Little Room Productions – vibrant opera company commissioning and producing new compositions with young opera singers.  

Gathering Voices – Youth Leader, Assistant leader of SoulRoots Acappella and soon to be Co-leader of DNV choir.

Butterfly Man – Assistant Producer



Dauntless Theatre Presents ’Ruddigore’ or ’The Witch’s Curse’

Portfolio image: Anna Kachina Scott - Dauntless Theatre Presents ’Ruddigore’ or ’The Witch’s Curse’
The show tells the story the bad baronets of Ruddigore, who have been cursed to commit a crime a day for life or suffer the penalty of death by extreme pain. Sir Ruthven, disguised as a young farmer, has hidden for years from the curse but his love for Rose Maybud just may end up unravelling his secret. In a world where the ghosts of your dead ancestors descend from their portraits to exact revenge if you disobey the curse, being in love with the village maiden is not all it’s cracked up to be! The show is both traditional and none-traditional; we are retaining the integrity of Gilbert and Sullivan’s original, but putting our own unique spin on the production, in order to rejuvenate the characters and highlight the fantastical chaos that is Ruddigore. It will be thoroughly entertaining.rn7.30 pm – 10 pm £7 (£5 for students, under 16s and OAPs)

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Arcana Part 1 and 2

Portfolio image: Anna Kachina Scott - Arcana Part 1 and 2
We have collaborated with a number of young composers and librettists to compose 22 stunning new operatic pieces, based on Tarot Cards in the Major Arcana. Come and meet the Fool, the High Priestess and the Hermit, and spin The Wheel of Fortune. rnrnWhether or not you have experienced opera, or Little Room, before, join us to enjoy the world premiere of these brand new pieces directed by Anna Scott and musical directed by Matt Pearson and Nevada Summerley. Little Room aims to bring a fresh audience to a traditional artform; updating opera by placing it in a contemporary context, with relatable stories performed in alternative venues.rnrnWe present an evening of intrigue, chance and mystery, as the audience is given control over who will perform next: pick a card, and see the character come to life before your eyes…

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