Bath Theatre Academy, Theatre Royal Bath

Bath Theatre Academy is a trailblazing creative education initiative based in Bath. We are radically readdressing common misperceptions about the work young people are capable of making. We are passionate about empowering the next generation of theatremakers to go boldly.

Bath Theatre Academy began development in 2017, drawing on the strengths of the academic successes and educational understanding of Bath College in partnership with the world renowned Theatre Royal Bath.

Drawing on 10+ years of the egg’s creative endeavours, plus years of educational expertise from the college, our collaboration strives to create the optimum conditions for art and learning to thrive.

In response to what is quickly becoming a national crisis, where arts subjects are being side-lined and the creative industries are being pushed to their limits, we felt, as a national leader in arts education and Theatre for Young Audiences, that we had a responsibility to invest in the theatre makers of the future.

It is our ambition to contribute to an already thriving narrative about creativity in Bath, championing emerging talent in the South West. Our location in the heart of Bath offers us access to excellent theatre being made in Bath, Bristol and beyond into the rural heart of Somerset.