Brenda Waite

I am a performance practitioner, teacher and movement director based in Bristol.

I am a performance practitioner, teacher and movement director based in Bristol. With an extensive background in physical theatre and new dance techniques my interest is in the expressive potential of the body in performance. My projects often focus on connection and feedback from our physical surroundings, themes of ecology, personal narratives and fictions.
I have created and presented work in Australia and Europe for over 20 years in diverse settings from theatres to public spaces collaborating with artists from different creative disciplines.  
Improvisation and play are central to my practise both as a creative, practical research tool and as a performance mode. I teach and facilitates spaces for artistic exchange, physical training and performance practise such as the Flummery Room, Bristol. 
My key interest and experience as a teacher is to facilitate connection between artists from different disciplines, backgrounds and ages. To provide a broad range of tools and frames that offer clarity, support and openness within a playful and intuitive process.  To encourage an embracing of the unfamiliar.

Recent work includes an ongoing solo research and performance project Unintended Consequences and Body Room Landscape, a workshop in instant composition and image making. 




Flummery Room

Portfolio image: Brenda Waite - Flummery Room
The Flummery Room is a weekly workshop for creatives, including actors, dancers, circus artists and others who would like to explore their movement language and performance interests.rnThe sessions begin with a one hour class, a rich mix of individual and collective movement training using improvisation and a range of techniques to explore themes of presence, space, object, voice/language and more. Each session has a specific focus or theme. Through a progressive layering of elements we move into a more open structure of guided improvisations and performance practise.rn

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