Bristol Physical Theatre Project


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Lecoq-based physical theatre and movement training for actors, theatre-makers, dancers and circus performers.

Bristol Physical Theatre Project (BPTP) is an initiative which offers a series of  workshops and research opportunities for performers and artists of various disciplines. BPTP’s approach is to theatre making is rooted in the teaching of Jacques Lecoq and concentrates on the ensemble and movement-based training, stemming from the idea that the actor’s creative impulse is crucial in the process of collective theatre creation. The project aims to provide its participants with a range of practical performance making and performing skills which develop their theatrical language and can later be applied to the individual artistic practice and further training. BPTP also offers advice on movement direction and facilitates research and development workshops for theatre companies that seek to develop their work-in-progress material into complete productions.

Subjects taught:

Neutral Mask

Larval Mask

Character Mask (full/half-full)

Physical Character Development

Physical Improvisation

Devising for Performance

Movement articulation and basic mime

Theatre Clown

Physical Comedy and Absurd


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