Celestino Telera

Celestino Telera is an italian singer, polistrumentist and composer.
He’s made music compositions for 5 years, working both individually on solist projects and collaborating with other bands or performing arts projects in Italy. His creative foundations come from the theatre, where he had a long working and creative relationship with the company Bottega degli Apocrifi collaborating as performer on stage, session man and composer. His last performing experience was with the clown Holly Stoppit during an intensive two-day clown workshop in Bristol.
His creative approach is various, working on rhythms, dynamism, expecially creating textures in synergy with musicians and performers, enjoying the chaos of improvisation, basic substance for structured creations.

Celestino Telera: composer,producer,  singer, musician, clown, illustrator….artist.


Born in 1988 in Manfredonia, Italy, Celestino Telera gets in contact with the artistic world during in his childhood.
Since then he’s developed a strong passion in music making.
He took seriously in consideration this path from his teenage, starting to write songs and compositions. After collaborating from 2005 till 2010 as composer, live performer and arranger for the italian theatre company Bottega degli Apocrifi, he moves to Bristol to produce his first EP, called “Mothers’ Mud”. Recordings and general production are made at Peter Gabriel’s Realworld Studios with music producer Marco Migliari.



Celestino’s experience in physical performance starts with theatre company Bottega degli Apocrifi, a devised theatre company which involved together with actors’ live performance, live music and dancing/clowning musicians on the stage.

Once landed in Bristol Celestino studies clowning with teachers Fraser Hooper, Holly Stoppit and Jerry Flanangan.
In 2012 he joins the Original Spinners, a clowning and dance improvisation company based in Bristol.


Celestino is also an illustrator. He’s focused on black ink and pastel drawings, mainly of abstract and surreal matter .