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Performance Storyteller.
Based in Bristol, originally from Dublin.
I perform around the world.

I also teach and consult on storytelling for arts organisations, companies, charities, individuals and creatives.

Clare Muireann Murphy; contemporary storyteller and writer.  Born in Dublin but now based in Bristol Clare performs around Ireland, England, Europe and the Americas.  

Her stages include the Globe Theatre, The National Theatre, The Barbican theatre and the Soho Theatre London. She has also worked as a consultant with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Tricycle theatre and other theatres and companies around London.

Clare has a lively physical style and playful wit that endows the traditional tales with a sense of modern day relevance.  Compared to raconteurs and stand up comedians, Clare uses the platform of story to create shows that are full of observational humour, social commentary and epic journeys.  Her shows range from Syrian folktales to quantum physics as well as her beloved Irish mythology and folklore.  Her repertoire of tales extends from myth to folklore, from fable to original tales.

Clare has performed in more than 20 countries.  International festivals include Fabula Festival Stockholm, Out of the Box Puppetry Festival Singapore, 10 Days in Dublin, Times Cheltenham Literature Festival UK, National Storytelling Festival Jonesborough Tennessee, Ondas de Contas Lisbon and International Storytelling Festival Toronto.

Her residencies include: Storyteller in Residence Jan – Apr 2013 University of Manitoba’s Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture.   The Ark Cultural Centre for Children, Dublin, Dec 2010.

International University work includes:  National University of Ireland at Galway,  Vanderbilt University USA,  East Tennessee State University,  Penn State University.

She teaches storytelling for the MA in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins. She is also a trainer with National Theatre’s TheatreWorks.

Clare founded a community storytelling night in Galway called Story Night that ran for 5 years. Clare is a dedicated to curiosity, and is a lover of the word; spoken or written.

masterly storytelling – all delivered at a pace which meant there was never a dull moment”.

Culture Whisper


Clare Muireann Murphy’s beautiful lilting Irish voice was in stark contrast to the darkly humorous stories she told us, and she her first-rate comic physicality only served to enhance her storytelling.” Everything Theatre


UniVerse at Societaets Theater Dresden, Germany

Portfolio image: Clare Muireann Murphy - UniVerse at Societaets Theater Dresden, Germany
rnA mathematician finds a gift from a god. Blacksmiths beat out the music of the spheres. And why are there turtles everywhere? Where does myth meet science? Is it only in the middle of the night when we half wake and half sleep? In this timeless place of wonder and insight, time stretches and a fissure opens that builds a dream bridge between many worlds…rnPerformance storyteller Clare Murphy dances into this liminal space; merging myth, deities, science and a hefty amount of turtle, in a playful exploration of the beginnings of the universe.rnClare Murphy is a solo performer. Her repertoire of stories is full of all kinds of tales from traditional folklore to ancient mythology, to reportage to historical tales. She tells the story that is called for in each situation from telling to the President of Ireland to performing at the Writers room of the Royal Shakespeare Company. She is a storyteller, performer, writer, curiosist, teacher, consultant, wanderer, wonderer and maker.rnrnStorytelling: Clare Murphy | In English. | Not suitable for children under 12 | approx. 65 min.

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UniVerse Wolverhampton ArtsFest

Portfolio image: Clare Muireann Murphy - UniVerse Wolverhampton ArtsFest
In this humorous and spellbinding performance, Irish storyteller Clare Murphy ventures into the liminal space between myth and science, merging deities, physics and cosmology in a playful exploration of the beginnings of the universe. She will take you to the timeless place where worlds collide, a space of wonder and insight, to investigate what it means to be human. It is here that the world we know and the worlds we have yet to discover are about to merge. This is the story about the beginning of time from an entertaining and profound wordsmith.rnrnRenowned for her wit, verve and lively physicality on stage, performance storyteller Clare Muireann Murphy has performed around the world from Brazil to Oslo. Her performances in London include productions at Shakespeare’s Globe, The Barbican, the Soho Theatre and the National Theatre. She teaches storytelling, leads creative workshops, and is a guest lecturer at universities around London and the US.rnrnTickets: £5rnrnBSL interpreted performancernrnBooking link:

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UniVerse at Berlin Career College

Portfolio image: Clare Muireann Murphy - UniVerse at Berlin Career College
UniVerse – Storytelling with Clare MurphyrnrnA mathematician finds a gift from a god. Blacksmiths beat out the music of the spheres. And why are there turtles everywhere? Performance storyteller Clare Murphy merges myth, deities, science and a hefty amount of turtle, in a playful exploration of the beginnings of the universe.rnA dynamic and witty performer, Clare Murphy has performed in festivals and theatres across the world and her repertoire extends from her beloved Irish mythology to world folklore, anecdotes, fables, personal and original stories.rnrnWhen? June 17th 2017 at 8 PMrnWhere? Probensaal, Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 BerlinrnrnTickets: 8 Euro / 4 Euro (reduced)rnrnTicket Reservation: ziw[at]

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