Daniel Smith


Tel: 07988 624906,
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.lobrow.co.uk (opens in new tab)

Daniel Smith is a writer, actor and director with experience on stage, screen and radio.

I currently work as a performer, director and writer on stage, screen and radio. I have experience in acting, stand up comedy and playing music for over twenty years.

I was a member of young theatre groups growing up and involved was in several performances. This led to me undertaking Performing Arts and Media at College and University and got then worked as a lecturer in Media Production. This enabled me to not only gain vital experience of leading and organising various media production projects, but to also gain industry experience which broadened my skills and knowledge. I also achieved an MA in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, in the hope of developing my understanding of humanity, to provide deeper insight for my creative endeavours. During which time I also performed regularly as a stand up comedian. I have since directed stage plays for various showcases and performed in a number of short and feature films. 

I am in the post production phase of a sitcom pilot; host “The Side Show”, which is a weekly live broadcast on Bristol based public access radio station Freeze Peach; and I am currently performing as the lead role in the dark comedy “To Sleep”, which is being performed this summer at festivals and theatres in the UK.