Darren Hoskins


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Trained in circus and physical theatre, worked as an actor, clown, stand-up, storyteller and comedy magic, in theatres, cabarets, festivals, comedy clubs, schools, palaces and behind, over and underneath public houses. Loves impro and audience interaction making every show unique.
Trained in circus and physical theatre at Fooltime in the early 90’s, toured extensively with the Storytellers Theatre Company, co-founded the Wordweavers in Bristol, Jester at Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London, summer environmental theatre in zoos etc.


Handmade Tales

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True-life story sharing. Downstairs at Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft, 8pm, 2nd Wednesday of every month. Free, but contributions to cost of room welcomed. Come to share confessions, discoveries and memories that led to changed lives, hearts or underwear. Listen to/tell tales, that don’t have to be clever, funny or polished, only (mostly) true.

Soft Cabaret

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Variety storytelling Cabaret, – telling it like it is/ was/ happened to a friend of a friend/ my Nan during the blitz/ a Russian cobbler/ a wide mouth frog/ was all a horrible mistake, Your Honour! Regular shows linking storytelling, stand-up and clown, the profoundly foolish and the idiotically insightful…