Hannah Sullivan

I am a Bristol based Producer, Performer and Writer. I am an independent creative producer for individual artists, Associate Producer for Ausform Performance and Solo Contemporary Performance Forum, a member of Interval, an artist led support network and I was previously the co-manager and producer for The Parlour Showrooms, a community focused exhibition and performance venue.

I am interested in working as producer and/or project manager on innovative and experimental performance work within Bristol. I am an active performance maker seeking opportunties to develop my own practice and collaborate within other artists work.

I have a BA in Theatre and Visual Practices from Dartington College of Arts and a MA in Performance Research from The University of Bristol. 

I am the Associate Producer for Ausform Performance, a Bristol based producing house, and Solo Contemporary Performance Forum, a south west solo support organisation.  



As an independent producer I produce the work of visual artist Sabrina Shirazi. I am also artist assistant to Kate McIntosh’s installation Worktable and stage manager for Sylvia Rimat’s I Guess If The Stage Exploded and If You Decide To Stay.

I was previously co-partner in The Showroom Project ltd who managed and curated The Parlour Showrooms, a community focused exhibition and performance venue in the centre of Bristol.

I am a Deviser and Performer, my first solo performance Echo Beach was presented at Bristol Old Vic, Mayfest, Exeter Bike Shed, Battersea Arts Centre, The Place, Flare Weekender Manchester, Falmouth University, Rich Mix, ACT festival Bilboa, Footscray Community Centre Melbourne, Tauranga Arts Festival New Zealand and ruraly toured in North Devon with Beaford Arts. 

To see more of my work visit hannahsullivan.co.uk

Featured projects:

With Force and Noise, new solo performance exploring anger and buried emotions. written and performed by Hannah Sullivan, supported by Bristol ferment, Arts Council England, Bath ICIA, Shoreditch Town Hall, Camden peoples Theatre.

Speeches to the city, programme of artists create new speeches to the city for public spaces (photography: Laura Burns). Creatively produced by Hannah Sullivan and Martha King, a Situations commision for the Bristol Art Weekender.


Charles Bukowski

Portfolio image: Significant Other - Charles Bukowski
Inspired by the crude writing of Charles Bukowski and his chain smoking slow speaking persona, this is a small character piece developed out of writing down dreams and the set-up of a poetry reading.

Echo Beach

Portfolio image: Hannah Sullivan - Echo Beach
Echo Beach is dance theatre that revels in the casual social dancing that is unique to everyone. It uncovers the delicacies of family life, unveils memory through music and movement, and touches upon the fragility of what is seen and what is felt.rn

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The Parlour Showrooms

Portfolio image: Hannah Sullivan - The Parlour Showrooms
A community focused exhibition and performance venue with a rolling programme of inventive and diverse events. The Parlour Showrooms was set up as part of the Capacity Bristol scheme, and is now run by The Showrooms Projects ltd – Hannah Sullivan, Martha King and Alice Tatton-Brown.

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Ausform Performance

Portfolio image: Hannah Sullivan - Ausform Performance
Ausform Performance is an up and coming producing house based in Bristol delivering a bi-annual platform for new performance. Previous platforms have shown the work international, national and local artists: Sleepwalk collective, Greg Wohead, Coda dance, Jack Dean, Will Bock, Izzy Cressy and Hannah Kew, Wait and See, Jackie Vitale… to name a few.

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