Hannah Thompson

Circus performer, Director, Producer, and actor. Hannah combines her skills into her performance to create unique and original material.

Hello, I’m Hannah!

Originally from the North East of England, I grew up in quite a rural, deprived area where we say such phrases as “Wey it’s oweer wet te clag” meaning  “Well, that’s far too wet to stick”.

I’m not a Geordie I definitely sound like one down here.

I love Circus and I love theatre. I join them both up in harmony and use my circus skills to create enthralling, unique and inspirational pieces. As a circus performer, I specialize in ground acrobatics, partner, and solo as well as aerial arts such as trapeze, rope and hoop.

I have a project called Bristol Scratch > https://www.facebook.com/bristolscratch/ which is a platform for circus performers to work with other performance and fine artists in order to create next generational material as well as create bridges for other areas of the sector.

I’ve been in performing arts since the age of 11 and have worked with various different companies and organizations such as, Circus Central, La Fura Del Baus, Citrus Arts, Ealing Studios, Boomtown festival and many more.

In my spare time, I love to sew, drink tea, and go to my boyfriend’s gigs! > https://www.facebook.com/jwedmusic/