Holly Beasley-Garrigan

Choreographer, Performer, Theatre-maker.

I’m a freelance maker and performer based in Bristol. Since 2010, I have been working in this capacity with Fine Chisel (finechisel.co.uk). During this time, I’ve helped create, perform and tour works that have won the Three-Weeks Editor’s Award (Unplugged, Midnight at The Boar’s Head, Firing Blanks – 2012), the MTN Award for Innovation and a Fringe First (Dumbstruck – 2013)I also make and perform in my own and other people’s work (hollybeasleygarrigan.weebly.com). 

I have an extremely diverse range of skills and experience as a maker and performer. The work I make reflects this; using choreography, dance, text, theatre, storytelling, puppetry, music & sound.

I’m particularly experienced in collaborative & inter-disciplinary devising, interactive performance, work that involves audience/community engagement, work that intergrates live music & sound, and making and touring work for non-traditional theatre spaces. I’m also good at company management, dramaturgy for inter-disciplinary & dance work, workshop leading and working with young people.