Ian Halverson

Having graduated my BA in English and Drama, I am now broadening my twenty-years experience as actor, writer & director. Equally comfortable with large auditorium, intimate, film or musical-theatre performance, I have experience of ancient, Classical, Naturalistic and Post-Dramtic genres, and relish the challenges of rejuvenating established concepts of theatre.

Having enjoyed the youthful roles of Claudio, Action, & Mike Connor, I have come to relish immersing myself within the redeemable grotesque roles of Pompey Bum, Svetlovidov, Mr Briggs, Uncle Ebenezer, & Jack Ketch. The challenge of portraying a repulsive or repugnant character in a recognisable & identifiable way is hugely demanding & greatly rewarding.

I look forward to working with you on exciting & engaging projects.


Ebenezer Balfour, Captain, Red Fox u0026 Robin Oig, in KIDANPPED

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - Ebenezer Balfour, Captain, Red Fox u0026 Robin Oig, in KIDANPPED
Brass Works Theatre’s dynamic adaptation of Robert Lous Stevenson’s classic adventure

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executioner Jack Ketch in PUTNAM u0026 JOY

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - Putnam u0026 Joy
RUNTcollective’s inaugural original dramatic production follows the wiles u0026 woes of married couple, Putnam u0026 Joy.rnrnThe wars are over: a new war has begun. rnDevastation follows prosperity. rnHope u0026 despair hunt each other round the maypole of life.rnrnJoy maintains an industrious life supporting indolent Putnam, juggling crop produce u0026 market stalls in a village blighted by STI’s, BMI’s, violence u0026 death.rnrnRegrettably, opposing army after opposing army marching through u0026 garrisoning the village has taken its toll on fortunes, faith, u0026 fidelity. Putnam has been found wanting. Joy has been tested. The Doctor has found them both inadequate u0026 the tragedy of Polly’s life brings them all to answer to executioner Ketch’s axe: is life just dust to dust? Or is there something more than just STD’s in between?rnrnAcerbic, irascible, filthy u0026 foolish, this puppet show is rated 12+.

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Police Officer – Barbara u0026 Jeffrey

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - Barbara u0026 Jeffrey
Deceit. Humour. Role Play: It’s the way to keep a marriage strong.

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Are you Afraid…?

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - Are you Afraid...?
Five fantasy-fiction authors convene for their annual reunion with unexpected u0026 chilling consequences…

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Good LIttle Boy: Sit Still. Keep Quiet. Play Nicely.

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - Good LIttle Boy: Sit Still. Keep Quiet. Play Nicely.
Mild-mannered school caretaker George is desperate to win back his estranged wife, the breathtakingly self-absorbed Lesley. But she is inexplicably attracted to a cruel and loathsome lay-about, and George finds himself loveless, homeless and hopeless. rnrnDriven to despair and beset by loneliness, George finally reaches breaking point. As events spiral out of control, George finds his Jenga tower of deception becoming ever more precarious.rnrnA darkly hilarious examination of infidelity, morality and Monopoly, Good Little Boy is a funny and quirky new play from the team behind The Sitcom Trials.

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The Libertine Theatre Company

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - The Libertine Theatre Company
having Graduated with a BA in Drama u0026 English, I am establishing The Libertine Theatre Company to produce the very best of Renaissance, Jacobean, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama. Be it comedy, farce, or tragedy, contemporary or modernised, we will endeavour to enliven and entertain our audience through the freshest of interpretations we can imagine.

John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester – ‘Sick at Heart’.

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester in 'Sick at Heart'.
Portraying the infamous ‘Libertine’, John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, is proving a demanding challenge. He’s such a vociferous, complicated, complex, repulsive and compelling character.

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Mr Briggs – Our Day Out

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - Mr Briggs - Our Day Out
Willy Russell’s endearing snapshot of social deprivation and aspiration in 1970’s Liverpool

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Addison Vincent Fletcher – Johnny and The Dead

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - Addison Vincent Fletcher - Johnny and The Dead
Terry Pratchett’s socially-concious fantasy on heritage, friendship, the after-life and staving off judgement day…

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Mr Richards – One, the movie

Portfolio image: Ian Halverson - Mr Richards - One, the movie
Bristol-based independent film examining relationships, fidelity and taking chances…

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