James Sidwell


Tel: 07597856901,
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamessidwell (opens in new window)

Actor/VO/Mo-Cap/Acrobat/Dancer/Stunt performer & Martial artist

I am a professionally trained actor, acrobat, martial artist, dancer, and stunt performer. I have experience in theatre, motion-capture, and voice-over work, and play piano and guitar.


Romeo and Juliet

Portfolio image:
This site-specific production utilised the promenade staging technique to create a beautifully atmospheric Verona in an abandoned swimming pool. The performance employed acapella multi-part harmonies to create a sound-scape for many of the scenes, and there were a number of dance and movement sections to drive the dynamic home.

King Lear

Portfolio image: James Sidwell - King Lear
250th Anniversary project directed by Tom Morris in which we were lucky enough to also work with the actors Timothy West, Stephanie Cole, and David Hargreaves. I played the part of Cornwall.

The Snow Queen

Portfolio image: James Halliday - The Snow Queen
Christmas Show at the New Vic Theatre in Stoke-On-Trent.

The Comedy of Errors

Portfolio image: James Halliday - The Comedy of Errors
Touring Theatre show with the Lord Chamberlain’s Men also involving a lot of Actor ASM work.