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Hidden away in the beautiful suburb of Clifton, the Redgrave Theatre is one of Bristol’s most popular theatres hosting a wide variety of productions including operas, musicals, stand-up comedy, theatre and dance.

Built in 1966 the Redgrave was originally known simply as the ‘Clifton College Theatre’. The design was based on the Mermaid Theatre in London and was the first purpose built school theatre in the country.

Originally the theatre was only used for college events, but in the 1970’s the decision was made for the theatre to be hired out to local amateur dramatic groups during the holidays.

Since then the popularity of the Redgrave has continued to grow. Today, as well as continuing to host some of the same amateur dramatics groups that first visited the theatre back in the 70’s, the theatre plays host to a variety of professional touring companies, comedians, film societies, music concerts and dance pieces.

For many years the Clifton College Drama Department was based in the building to the left of the Theatre – known as the Chateau. After the Drama Department relocated to another area of the college this studio space has since been used for a variety of other purposes including as a rehearsal space, as additional changing rooms and breakout spaces or for private pre or post show events.