Jessica Slack

Jessica has been involved in a number productions around the Bristol area. Some of these have involved working with Bristol Old Vic. Other productions include working with small film companies, the likes of Oogle Productions, and properjob productions and have been entered into big festivals such as the LA Film Festival and German Film festival.



Love like Milk

Portfolio image: Jessica Slack - Love like Milk
Love like Milk is a Short Film that was made in 2010. It was made as a silent film so it could be entered into film festivals around the world, and was successfully shown in europe.

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Old Aged Pillagers

Portfolio image: Jessica Slack - Old Aged Pillagers
In a last ditch attempt to fight the trappings of old age and their own mortality, Arthur, 63 (approx) , and Bernard, 63 (approx) , embark on a crime spree of a lifetime. By using people’s preconceptions and stereotypes they are able to get away with robbing their local shops.

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