Joe Bradley

Hello! My name is Joe and I am a professional drummer, percussionist and musician based in Bristol. I am involved in many musical projects in the city, performing in function bands and original outfits. I am also a dedicated drum teacher, working with students of all ages to teach them how to play the drums. I bring all of this experience as a drummer to the percussive side of the theatre music.

More About Me

Work – Drum Lessons Bristol

In terms of my day to day work, I run a dedicated drum school called Drum Lessons Bristol. Providing professional drum tuition to students of all ages. This includes working with younger learners, as well as adults, to provide them with the foundations needed to play the drums with confidence.

My approach to teaching the drums is to ensure that my students learn to play the music that inspired them to pick up the drumsticks in the first place. This means that I cover many different genres and musical styles, building individual courses of drum lessons that are focused on their individual learning needs.

I welcome students of all abilities, helping beginners, intermediate and more advanced drummers progress their drum playing ability rapidly. This is done by combining technical exercises that I have built up over many years, with core songs that provide challenging yet achievable goals. Alongside my weekly lessons, I put a real focus on ensuring that my students practice effectively in the week. This is achieved by creating individual practice timetables for each one of my students. Ideal for even for the students who have the most limited amount of time to practice each week.

Interests – Music

Aside from my teaching, I am very active as a drummer in my own right. I really enjoy performing with a range of different bands, across a variety of different musical styles. This really pushes my technical playing ability, exploring new genres of music that develops my musical horizons.

A lot of my interests focus on get the most of my own creative drum playing, whether in local bands or simply at my drum studio. For this reason I am always interested in getting involved with new projects in Bristol, whether they are music focused or providing music for drama, theatre or performance.