Joshua Stevens

I’m a young actor looking to meet more people in the industry and start to get out there i have a wealth of experience both in education and as part of small theater groups and films

I’ve had a passion for drama since year 6 but never had the chance to unlock my potential until i joined a small theatre group in filton called Wemo theatre, this i felt layed the foundations for me to excell vastly when i went into college to do a acting diploma and have since come leaps and bounds with evergrowning knowlage and experiance i can advance my skills further still.

Variety is the spice of life and I love to play variety’s of characters I can tackle multi-roles with ease and can develop each characters with equal deph while making all completely different to each other

I enjoy looking into the crazier side of drama with qwerky characters and nonsecal plot lines even have written my own peices with both these features but the secret is bringing a degree of subtlty to the crazy and degree of crazy to the subtlety in all performances

When producing a production I’m willing to do most if not all things required to make the production the best it can be, Ive tried my hands at some simple level stage combat movement sequences including lifts,dancing,singing even wearing a dress to play juliet.

Some of my biggest inspirations are Johnny Depp,Robert Downey Jr,Will Smith,Jack Black, my music, my friends and life



Portfolio image: Joshua Stevens - Encryption
written by Mel Tomo and Lisa Weir of Wemo theatre. A tale of cover ups trust, betrayals and secrecy. A strange package ends up in the hands of astro-physicist professor Daniel Chaste we follow his journey as MI5, KGB and CIA agents fight for this mysterious package. I had 2 roles in this play one being Mikhail Arsov a rouge KGB Agent trying to win back the favour of his Country and the patriotic but idiotic astronaut Alvin Buzz

wedding of blood

Portfolio image: Joshua Stevens - wedding of blood
Written by Mel Tomo and Lisa Weir, based on lorcas Blood Wedding brought into the 1920’s where 3 deities earth,the moon and death are debating whether to give humanity free choice or to keep to their system of fate and destiny they decide to have a small experiment to see how free choice works out so they observe a small village where a poor bride is to wed a rich groom. In this peice I played the earth it was one of my first major roles and one that required me to be the first person onstage and the last person off we entered into a competition at the Filton wise campus unfortunately we didnt win anything but we still put on one hell of a show


Portfolio image: Joshua Stevens - spiralling
A collage if you will of some of Shakespeare’s and Oscar Wild’s finest works, with monologues duologes from a huge mix of plays and films including Foustus,Waynes World, Doctor Who and the Wind and the Willows I portrayed a variety of characters from Foustus to Wayne from Wayne’s world and Henry from Dorion Gray to The Doctor