In Between Time


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We bring people together around radical art and ideas to encourage new ways to think about the world and ourselves.

We believe in a future where art brings people together, enriches lives and gives us all the power to face the world.

Working with artists and audiences, we share stories that inspire, surprise and act as a catalyst for change.



FIGHTING FOR CONNECTION AND THE BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP. Singlet is a kaleidoscopic show that grapples with the desire, rivalry, vulnerability, and subterfuge that bind two people together.


Dorothée Munyaneza was 12 when, after miraculously surviving genocide, she fled her home in Rwanda. UNWANTED focuses on the stories of the women caught up in the genocide specifically those who suffered rape, an act of domination and suppression, still used as a weapon of destruction in war zones today.

In Between Time Summit

The In Between Time Summit is a three-day gathering of art, activism and conversation. Bringing together people from Bristol, the UK and the world, the Summit asks ‘HOW DO WE BUILD A BETTER FUTURE?’