Kristina Burgess

Director and producer of up and coming show called Alice In Wasteland

I have a good foundation in the creative industry and work in events, immersive theatre, games and entertainment. Our projects have been showcased at events in the UK and internationally, working from the ground up at various festivals, fairs and fringe cities for the last 10 years.


I am experienced in running full productions in all aspects from creative concepts to large events and including the infrastructure to support events running smoothly and efficiently. I am actively involved in connecting people and organisations, with a view to encouraging collaborations, enabling people to realize their creative potential. The work we  do offers a platform for artists to work on projects from concepts, ideas, planning and designing to building and applying their particular skills.



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Kristina Carpe Diem
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Alice in wasteland

Portfolio image: Kristina Burgess - Alice in wasteland
I direct and have produced this trubo charged electronic musical called Alice in wasteland. rnrnWe have just recently been awarded a four star review from the fringe guru in Edinburgh fringe 2016.rnrnhere is a bit about the show:rnrnALICE IN WASTELANDrnA musical circus spectacular!rnrnIn a twist on the classic tale, we travel down the rabbit hole with the finest selection from the rising stars of the contemporary cabaret, circus and underground dance world.rnrnAlice in wasteland is a full scale one hour theatrical circus show, with live instrumentation and an electronic soundtrack composed by this all star cast.rnrnTHE STORYrnOur portrayal is of a post wonderland Alice. rnAlice is now grown up and a business woman, suffering from the boredom and stress of the daily grind. After falling asleep at her desk she is wrenched through a series of life changing experiences.rnrnAn audio visual show like no other!rn

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PR productions agency

Portfolio image: Kristina Burgess - PR productions agency
I am currently working towards building up a data base of skilled creatives, artists, performers and links to the infrastructure specialists to go along side supporting that.

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Pyratrix Circus

Portfolio image: Kristina Burgess - Pyratrix Circus
I created Pyratrix Circus.rnrnPYRATRIX CIRCUS has been touring with their circus and theatre productions for six years.rnrnShow catalog:rnrn* ‘Little red rioting hoodie’ rn- 2011-2012rnrn* ‘Reconbobulate’rn- 2013rnrn* ‘Alice in wasteland’ rn- 2014-2015rnrnWe have performed many shows with the famous Wango Riley’s travelling stage.rnrnWe have also performed on the big old ship the MS STUBNITZ on the Thames in London.rnrnTheir latest production ‘Alice in wasteland’ has been touring at various festivals, fringe cities and our own independent fairs in the UK.rnrnrnrnThis is more than a circus, we are pirates, mutany is our game, we are the rats from the underclass we are the survivors, we are trixi piRATS, we are fire starters! This is a space and platform for people to showcase their, bands, cabaret, art, sculpture and performance, circus sideshow games and music of all genres. A collective of artists and carny freaks young and old near and far collaborating on projects, fighting the good fight promoting evolution.rnrnWatch out for the original magical mystery tour bus, yes that’s right 1969 Chinese six, beautifully converted and carrying a wild bunch of clowns, musicians, freaks and inter dimensional travellers – bringing the fair to you! rnrn

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Stilt walking

Portfolio image: Kristina Burgess - Stilt walking
I have been in various music videos and also on the cat walk stilt walking.

Fire performer

Portfolio image: Kristina Burgess - Fire performer
I like to play wit fire and i ma an isured perfoerms with 10 years experience. rnrnMy skills are, fire breathing/eating fire. staff/ poi / sticks/ Fire dancer. Angle grinder