Laura Pocket

Interdisciplinary performance artist & musician. Singer, harmonica & double bass player in ‘Glowglobes’… Part of Ramshacklicious street theatre company

Currently performer in Glowglobes musical duo:

And Ramshacklicious theatre company: 

Laura Pocket left school at 16, eloping with guitar & harmonica to busk the streets of Europe. Having explored performance through music (‘The absolute darlings’) she went on to study Performing Arts at Winchester, gaining a 1st class degree; won awards at the National Student drama festival & 5* review at Edinburgh fringe for her one woman show (‘The Flickering Truths of a Cruel & Dirty Bitch’). She’s written, directed, performed in & produced several plays & site-specific works with ‘The Pockets Progression’ (2005-2010). 

Enjoys making posters & masks & props from cardboard, ribbons & rubbish found in the garage. And trapeze dabbling…

Also sound healer & past life regression therapist, works with crystal skulls and co-ordinates sacred events. 


The Flickering Truths of a Cruel u0026 Dirty Bitch 2005

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Autobiographical one woman show about obsession with playwright Howard Barker. 5* review at edinburgh fringe 2006

The Inexhaustible Point 2007

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Staged at a secret location in the woods, just before dusk using only natural light sources, a choir and mini orchestra. Theme: spiritual awakening u0026 the agony of self- knowledge.

2012… In The Garden of the Conscious Presence (without Dave) 2009

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Two act play where insecure office worker discovers herself via infatuation with a tramp in a park. And the world ends! Revealing the multi-dimensional reality beyond… Cast of 12, ballerinas u0026 live musical score. Staged at Poole Lighthouse.

11:11:11 Ceremony at Stanton Drew Stone Circle 2011

Portfolio image: Laura Pocket - 11:11:11 Ceremony at Stanton Drew Stone Circle
Sacred ceremony of colour and sound, involving 108 participants in 9 concentric circles of 12. Marking the globally recognised ‘stargate’ date: 11th November 2011!