Les Velobici

Les Velobici began life as Europes premier all-girl, trick-cycling, clown-dance, family-burlesque troupe!

We now have male and female troupes, run games and spectaculars, show routines, perform as walkabout characters, host our own events and travel to a whole range of festivals every year. We can’t list our gigs, there are far too many but they have been at specific themed events such as Bristol Cycle Carnival, at childrens events such as Narberth Childrens Festival, at international events such as Fusion, at small festivals such as Cloud Cuckoo Land, at family friendly festivals such as Shambala, at large, wild festivals such as Boomtown and at super niche, adult festivals such as Bike Smut. We also as well as hosting our own events and cabaret evenings such as Velobici Velo-gnome.

The common thread in all we do and all we ever will do is the glorification of the childs push-bike.

Here are a few photos, for more, plus video’s, visit our blog: www.lesvelobici.blogspot.co.uk or www.imogenpettitt.co.uk/Home/Les_Velobici.html

we love bikes. Like… we REALLY love bikes. More than you can believe.