Liz Clarke

I am a live artist, performer and creative producer. In my live practice I concentrate on themes surrounding the Body as site and object. I explore the boundaries, constraints and vulnerabilities of the Body in performance merging a variety of performance forms including live art, theatre, and traditionally lowbrow genres such as vaudeville and cabaret. I run Drastic Productions, producing opportunities to make interesting and strong work in a safe environment that is socially engaged.

Liz’s performance practice is mostly Body based, exploring the boundaries between live art, theatre and cabaret, between gender, and between reality and dreamscapes. Shows include ‘I Tattooed My Baby’ (she didn’t) and ‘Cannonballista’; a dark human cannonball show (she did), many durational and shorter cabaret works. She is resident performer with ‘Beacons Icons & Dykons’, part of the performance collective ‘Residence’ and runs the not for profit performance company Drastic Productions.




Portfolio image: Liz Clarke - Cannonballista
‘Ladies u0026 Gentlemen (because that’s how it always starts)…rnYou are here tonight to witness an amazing, an incredible and a death-defying feat.rnShe’s a renegade mechanic, an altruistic megalomaniac, and the mistress of contradiction herself; ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new and improved 50% extra extra, one-woman husband and wife team… Betty Bruiser! ‘

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The Compendium of Super Heroes and Alter Egos

Portfolio image: Liz Clarke - The Compendium of Super Heroes and Alter Egos
A performatively written graphic novel by 10 super hero/alter egos. For more info please visit

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