lizzie jackson

I am working alongside a professional director to put on a play I wrote called ‘Hatch’ to raise as much money as possible for a charity called ‘The Door Of Hope’. This is a charity in Johannesburg that cares for abandoned children that arrive through their baby hatch ‘The Door Of Hope’. My play is also located outside this hatch, and explores the lives of the women who abandon their children here. I am looking for two black actresses to be in this performance.

I am 20 year old third year student studying Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, specialising in writing for theatre. During my four years of acting at The BRIT School, I discovered my passion for writing plays after a script I wrote called ‘Nana Jackson’ was selected to be performed in Wimbledon Studio Theatre.

I love writing plays about shocking real life events or current political situations that reveal a lot about who we really are as human beings. My latest play ‘Hatch’, which will be performed in Burdall’s Yard in April, is a short play about baby abandonment in Johannesburg. The play follows the journey of two women who meet outside a baby hatch, both about to give up their babies for very different reasons.

I am currently in the process of writing a verbatim play on Grenfell Tower in which I plan on accurately representing the lives of the people inside the tower & neighbouring towers.  I also want to explore how deep the discrimination against the poor lies within the walls of most estates in London, and why it has taken a fire killing at least 70 people for these issues to get any recognition.