Lorena_F (Lorena Fernandez)

Lorena is a talented model / actress from Valencia, Spain, now living in Bristol, UK.

Lorena is a talented model / actress from Valencia, Spain, now living in Bristol, UK. She has been in the industry since she was 5 years-old, starring in Toy TV Commercials, Children Catwalks and Catalogue Prints. At 13, she joined EC-Image Models & Actors Academy, where she did a Modelling Course (covering Catwalk, Photography, Make-Up Techniques, Personal Development, Etiquette & Protocol) and then studied 3 years of Drama (covering Theatre, TV, Improvisation & Body Language).

As a model she specialises in Portrait, Fashion, Swimwear, Bridal, Costumes, Flamenco and Commercial / Editorial / Print Photography. As an actress she has experience in Feature & Short Films, TV Series, TV Movies, Theatre, TV Commercials & Music Videos. She is capable of doing her own make up and hair up to a professional level and has a wide range of clothes, shoes and complements, as well as costumes and special outfits (please check the “Costumes” section for detailed information).

As part of her skills she is fluent in Spanish and English, speaks basic Catalan and French, and understands Italian. She dances Flamenco and basic moves for latin, urban and contemporary music. She also has a good singing voice (although not professionally trained in this). Besides her interest in modeling and acting, Lorena has got a university degree in Business Tourism, (by the University of Valencia, Spain and Georgia College & State University, USA) and works regularly as a secretary / PA and as a promotional model / event coordinator. She is up for interesting (and remunerated) productions / shoots that could benefit her portfolio and she will travel nation-wide and internationally as long as expenses are covered (she has a full driving license and drives her own car).

Please contact her for your productions.