Louise Curwen

Wardrobe and Costume Professional

I love going out to the theatre, forgetting about real life while being immersed in the story that is unfolding before me. I fully appreciate how lucky I am to work behind the scenes, on productions as varied as plays, musicals and operas. I am extremely devoted to working in this business.

The roles and responsibilities that I have undertaken so far vary greatly, from designing and creating costumes for a show, to the maintenance and upkeep of costumes during a tour, working under pressure to finish making a costume for a deadline, and researching to replace a particular garment or accessory. Each new job brings with it new challenges and experiences, which I look forward to learning from and solving.

This is everything that I love to do most in the world. I am punctual, hard working, and finish projects to the highest standard. I am always keen to meet friendly people, learn more skills, and work alongside a talented, supportive team.