Loz Because

Compere/MC for circus and caberet shows. Streetshow performer. Circus, background in contemporary dance. Specialising in fire performance and hula-hooping.

I am a hulahooper, a compere for circus and caberet, and a streetshow performer. I have been performing group streetshows since 2006, and began performing my solo show at Edinburgh Fringe 2009. Since then I have trained and performed across Australia, Canada and the UK.

I also choreograph for a few different agents/troupes.
I specialise in fire and hulahooping, and currently work with four leading UK fire performance troupes: FlameOz, Flaming Fun, Juggling Inferno and Cutting Edge Circus.
I work as lead choreographer for Flaming Fun, and I perform and assist in choreography for all groups.

I have trained in circus, contemporary dance and capoeira in Bristol, and in Rio de Janeiro, and completed a 2yr FdA in Dance Theatre Performance with the University of Plymouth 2009.

My current focus is on my personal hulahooping performance work, compering, streetshows and a mountain of other projects…