Luke Emery

Independent Producer.

As a producer, I see my role as being an anchor. Operating from within a project but also offering the insight of an outside eye. As I work in a predominantly project based format, I can come into a space or process and give fresh insights into how things can or are being done. I genuinely love to see people flourish and there’s something in me that gets a huge buzz out of taking the stresses of logistics away from an artist to give them the time they need to focus in on what they are creating. It’s the same feeling I get when I am approached by an organisation to produce a new or already running project. I thrive on creative challenges.

My roles change from project to project but can include creative input, fundraising, networking, location scouting, admin, marketing, design, teching, licensing, budgeting, tour booking and a potentially endless list of tasks.

I start each project with the question ‘what do you need from a producer?’, which leads onto identifying what areas an artist might need production support in. Sometimes these are clear from the outset, sometimes they pop up along the way and flexibility is fundamental to the ongoing conversation that is a creative project.

I’m always happy to hear from people looking for a producer. If you’ve got a bold, daring or unconventional idea for stage, street, print, online or any other place where performance can happen, get in touch.

Please check out my website to see the most recent things I have been working on.