Luke Peck – Carpentry, automation, Production Management and Technical Services

Currently based in Bristol, Experienced Production Carpenter with broad skill set; Experience & knowledge of Scenic carpentry construction, Automation, performer flying, Lighting, Sound, AV & Technical Stage Management. I have 7+ years industry experience on large scale touring, Stadium Ceremonies, Live TV, Immersive & Site specific Theatre and festivals.

Available for short & long engagements, small & large scale scenic set building/construction & also for Production Carpenter or various Production related roles.

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I am currently working as a freelance production carpenter, moving large scale shows from venue to venue, as well as freelancing in Automation for Theatre, T.V, & large scale events or ceremonies around the world. 
My recent work includes:
Automation Operator – Aisian Indoor & Martial Arts Games in Turkmenistan.
Production Carpenter – Elf The Musical
Production Carpenter – Miss Saigon UK & Ireland Tour
Production Carpenter – Big The Musical
Production Carpenter – Mary Poppins UK, Switzerland & Dubai Tour
Automation Operator – Olympic Opening Ceremony, Brazil
I have good experience of maintaining large scale shows scenically as well as show running and show cues. 
I have a proven history of record keeping and am qualified as a ‘Competent Person – Inspection & Record Keeping (certified by Spanset). I also have experience of collating and logging various HSE paperwork including LOLER documentation.
I have good carpentry skills, own a full body harness (including work positioning & Fall arrest system) and am qualified as an Advance Industrial Climber. 
I have good experience with Qlab and other producion related softwares and control systems.