Mark Beirne

Ahoy there!

I am currently working for Splendid Productions touring in a Brechtian adaptation of Macbeth filled with rebellion, revenge and Buffons clowns, who revel and explore the futility of power. It is a provocative and menacingly joyful production, which I feel showcases the range of my skills, commitment and precision both as a performer and storyteller. “The three actors provide an energetic ensemble performance, smoothly transitioning between roles and engaging imaginatively with the audience” – The review hub, J.Gillespie 2016.
There are only three public performances left of the run before we continue the tour to Asia.

I have a wide range of skills as a performer with strengths in physical theatre, clowning and devising. Over my career so far I have performed in a variety of styles to a high standard. These include musicals, naturalism, Shakespeare, children’s theatre and epic theatre. I also have extensive experience as both a touring actor and workshop leader in schools and theatres. My vocal ability is quite unique as it is strong both in its projection and range, specifically in my lower register. “The song ‘We Know Best’ featured an actor with the lowest singing voice I have ever heard, Mark Beirne” – The good review, C.Snape 2012.