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Actually born in Libya, I lived there for the first 7 – 8 years of my life. Since then I have moved around a lot between India and England, and have lived in Chennai, Lincoln, Bristol, Oxford, London to name a few places.
I have a very positive outlook on life and I enjoy new environments, meeting new people, getting involved in new projects. Things that I don’t know about, I’m very enthusiastic to get involved with.
My life experience has also made me a very open minded and adaptable person. I can relate very easily to people whatever age they are, whatever their culture, religion, background, profession.
I am a very people-person, and enjoy talking to people and love to study people.
Given my background, I find how people behave and live their different lifesyles very fascinating!
all this makes performing arts very natural to me, and I love to be doing nothing put performing all my life. I love expressing ideas, presenting different ideas, just stories, telling people things they wouldn’t have thought of, giving them different perspectives, etc.
I’ve done it so far, and I live for it!

I want to further my career in performing.
I’m looking for opportunities to act in film and tv (short films included), theatre, dance, and sing.

I have lots of experience in performing: acting – theatre and film, dancing – hip hop, bollywood, ballroom and latin, indian classical and singing – pop, ballads, soul, rnb, funk, bollywood, most things really, song writing.

Out of my acting performances, I only have one available to show you which is available to view on Youtube:

Yours truly auditioned and won the lead role of ‘Alice’ in a physics-spoof film the Physics dept. at my University (Oxford University) put together. The entire cast and crew (with one exception) of this film are all physicists! I enjoyed this film very much as it was my first experience of working on a film!
Apart from this, my main theatre experience was the lead role of ‘Dorothy’ in the musical, ‘The Wiz’ at my sixth form college, St. Brendans Sixth Form college, in Bristol.

I’ve just finished my university degree and am now trying to continue my art full time. I’ve kept it up all these years to build to this point – when I can make it my main goal!
I am very keen to get back to acting and music and do a lot more of it now!

If you are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!
i would love to hear from you at your earliest convenience!

– Meg