Molly Olivia Rodelli

Writer, Creative Performer, Director, Multidisciplinary Artist, Songsmith.
Based in Stroud & Bristol.
Arts Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Psychosynthesis, Shadow Psychology, Eco-Art.

Molly Olivia Rodelli is a writer, creative performer, multidisciplinary artist, director and songsmith.


Beginning with a playful, experimental frame of mind, Molly’s practice encompasses literature/text/writing, technology (principally digital video and audio), photography & visuals, objects, song/music, movement and performance. Within her work she enjoys exploring language, intersubjectivity, nature, the ecopoetic, metaphysical philosophy, absurdism, liminality and psychology.

Her keen interest in process art, eco-art, catharsis and healing is leading her into studying psychodrama, psychosynthesis, ecopsychology and practical explorations of psyche and soul work. She has trained in Drama & Art Therapy, Humanistic Approaches to Therapy and Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. Molly has extensive experience of physical theatre, improvisational dance, movement and somatic practice.

She has collaborated with visual artists, musicians, writers and creative performers, directing short films, video art pieces and works of performance, and operating as an initiator of projects.


Molly received a professional degree in Theatre, Media & Performance in Bristol, where she spent two years at the Tobacco Factory Theatre’s and Hamilton House co-directing, devising and performing original work as a member of the ensemble ‘Seven Stages‘. This included a one-woman performance of  April de Angelis’ Iron Mistress, performing the lead role of Lara in Invisible by Tena Stivicic,  performing in the site-specific dance/physical theatre piece Drop Dead Smile at the Edwardian Cloakrooms, and Bristol Community Dance Centre, and performing multiple roles in a devised production of Simon Stephen’s Pornography.  An artist working in the discipline of digital video and soundscape, she has also created multi-media content to feature in original theatre performances. She worked as a dramaturg and director on her own adaptation of Peter Weiss’ Marat/Sade, which she transformed from a large ensemble piece into a complex, site-intensive duet between two performers at Hamilton House, Bristol. She also co-wrote and co-devised the experimental performance Online  at the Tobacco Factory and exhibited video/sound/text art at the Embassy Theatre, London. Most recently, she supported Chris Lynam on stage at Nozstock: The Hidden Valley while simultaneously working as a theatre manager and member of the stage management team. She has also studied film, experimental performance and theatre at the University of Falmouth (after the former Dartington College of Arts community) and trained on the Theatre Practice: Performance Arts programme at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, where she co-produced the cross-disciplinary /live art festival YoutopiaMolly is the Producer and Co-Director of Stem Collective and their acclaimed jazz/opera project Ophelia: Madness (in blue).

 In 2018 she appeared on tour throughout the UK with Mike Chase’s adaptation of the 5-hour mystery drama The Souls Awaken, featuring as an ensemble member specializing in movement, mask and puppetry


Molly is based in Stroud, a small market town known for its community of writers and craftspeople, as well as its environmentally conscious spirit and café culture. She works and collaborates regularly in Bristol. She is currently preparing to lead workshops and build community around practices she has been developing for years. Molly is also working with the Transition Network to promote regenerative culture and Resilience skills rooted in eco-poetic approaches. She is a member of Mike Chase’s Psychodrama group.

You can also find her following her research-based practice, developing material with her Bristol-based collective Tales of Our Times, writing a feature-length work of theatre about metaphysics, creating a free literature/poetry/philosophy zine, and developing several emerging projects and artistic collaborations in Stroud and Bristol. A one-woman performance piece, Tiger Tempts Hell, is currently in R&D.