Molly-Rose Brace

Director, events, creative, physical theatre, clowning… the list goes on!

Molly-Rose has been working as a freelance Workshop Facilitator and Events Director since 2009.

After leaving Dartington College of Arts, Molly-Rose pursued her love for theatre and the arts. Through working freelance, Molly-Rose has had the pleasure and priviledge of working with a variety of artists and companies, as well as developing her own organisation, Creative Carnival.

Director, Teacher, Dancer, Choreographer, Clown, Aerialist, Musician, Bouffon, Film maker…

I have been working as a freelance workshop facilitator and events coordinator since 2009. After leaving Dartington College of Arts, I pursued my love for theatre and the arts. Through working freelance, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of artists and companies. When touring with Forkbeard Fantasy, a multimedia theatre company, I discovered the possibilities of using multimedia within theatre. This not only kick started my love for animation and film making,  but gave me an insight in to the integral workings of a touring company.  I have also attended masterclasses run by Theatre Ad Infinitum, Mick Barnfather, from Told by an Idiot, Nofit State, Aitor Basauri (Spymonkey) and attended the Jaques LeCoq summer school in 2010 (Paris).

These experiences developed me as a creator of theatre and I still use these elements in my day to day work.

I frequently work for Actiontrack performance company. Actiontrack are a community performance company that have been running for 25 years. Their aim is to create spectacle through music and theatre, whilst giving  young people the opportunity and confidence to explore their imaginations and allow themselves to become the creators of  a show.  My main job role during this process is to help the young people turn their  ideas into a structured show, by  acting as director, script writer and choreographer.

Over the past two years, I have developed my own events company, Creative Carnival. I am the founding member and events director. The organisation grew out of reaction to the budget cuts within the arts. The ethos is to prove we can keep going on producing fabulous arts events, for free.We have put on events ranging from a four day music festival, to a Masquerade Ball, and includes our own devised production; Welcome to the Dollhouse.

My role within Creative Carnival, covers a range of responsibilities, including marketing, artists liaison, design and stage management. I am so enthusiastic about the process and product and push myself to the limit, so I can make sure that each event is a success. Off the back of Creative Carnival, I have been headhunted by other companies to help produce their events. These include Temwa (a Bristol based charity) and the much loved  SouthBank Arts Club (Bristol).

Since moving to Bristol, my love for circus has grown. I have started attending aerial classes at Circomedia, so I can learn how to fly through the air, and to understand the technical side of circus skills. I believe to produce the best work, you must understand every side of the event.


Live Shuffle

Portfolio image: Creative Carnival - Live Shuffle
Creative Carnival’s first event was the Live Shuffle. It took place at the Spring Gardens in Hotwells, Bristol. It consisted of as many different genres of bands Creative Carnival could get in one night, ranging from acoustic soul, to hip hop, to heavy hardcore punk. Over all, 6 bands were involved in the one night. The wide range of music attracted a variety of people, and this was the aim. In the room above the main bar, there was an ‘Open Space’, where artists of any discipline and experience, were encouraged to perform, share, and display their work. This included a Comedy hour, a dance piece, and mini gallery and some more musical performances. As the evening progressed, the exterior of the Spring Gardens was being painted by a popular local Graffiti artist and to kick the evening off, fire artists performed outside while Matti Hemmings, top BMX athlete, impressed the crowds with his gravity defying tricks and twists, attracting the crowds in for a wicked night of celebrating all types of creativity.

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4 Day Shuffle

Portfolio image: Creative Carnival - 4 Day Shuffle
A few months after the sucess of the Live Shuffle, Creative Carnival took on their biggest challenge yet, the 4 Day Shuffle. It was decided that an event, like the Live Shuffle, was needed in the small rural, sleepy Somerset town, Taunton. The Pen and Quill, welcomed Creative Carnival with open arms, and the 4 Day Shuffle was born. The event was held over August Bank Holiday weekend in 2011, and showcased over 30 different acts. 5 bands performed each night, again of a wide range of styles. There was also Comedy Sunday, a Cabaret night, free singing and dance workshops, stalls, and a film festival where people from surrounding areas got to send in their films and get them shown on the big screen! It encompassed all the great things a big festival offers, but under and roof, and all for free!

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1920s Christmas Cabaret

Portfolio image: Creative Carnival - 1920s Christmas Cabaret
On a cold wintery Christmas night, December 2011, Creative Carnival took over the upstairs of the Spring Garden in Hotwells, and converted it into a 1920s Speak Easy. The evening was filled with clandestine meetings, suave gangsters and flapper dressers. Acts came from far and wide to perform, comedians, a burlesque canary, and a gangster bunny, irritated by Father Christmas’ fame. The Speak Easy was disguised as a library. No one entered without first getting their book stamped and being shown in by one of the gangsters through the bookcase. Once you entered the jazz seeped in through your bones and the flapper dresses swung before your eyes. A special evening of high end entertainment for the creative and fabulous.

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Masquerade Ball

Portfolio image: Creative Carnival - Masquerade Ball
The flickering of candles invited the masked audience in, veiled musicians played jazz as drinks were ordered and seats were taken, awaiting an evening of top quality entertainment. Top Bristol Comedian Ely Lyons compared the evening, peppering her introductions with comic gold, keeping the glamorous audience giggling and involved. Green and Bushell, a Somerset based Ukuele, Double bass duo, got everyone dancing, with thier own brand of what they call ‘Two gentlemen having a poetic accident in a musical antique shop’ – make of that what you will. Some of Bristol’s finest aerialists swung from the ceiling, making the audiences jaws drop. The evening took a naughty turn, when the magnificent Mr Mistress, Top London Burlesque performer, took to the stage and performed to stunning routines, which got the crowd roaring and cheering for more. Live Global Bass Band Innamorati played the evening out, the masks came off the the feet stomped on! A elegant and special evening of top class entertainment.

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Welcome to the Dollhouse

Portfolio image: Molly-Rose Brace - Welcome to the Dollhouse
rnOn the 3/4/5th of May 2013, the Island Bristol opened it’s doors to reveal, an evening of hypnotic soul. Soulful lyrics took the audience away from the world they thought they once knew. The music was in control, and the performers merely dolls, seduced by the sound, and helpless to how it made them behave.rnrnCreative Carnival collaborated with and Doll State (Electro soul band) to bring the Dollhouse to life.rnrnDon’t close you’re eyes, you’ll be lost.rnrnMolly-Rose Brace and Grania Pickard acted as Directors and Facilitators.rnrnSee inside the Dollhouse – follow the linkrn

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