Niall Farnan – Atomic Clock Theatre – Collaborative Theatre – Live Artist, Performer and Dramaturg


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I am a live artist and performer. I have an MA in Drama and a 1st class honours degree in Drama and contemporary performance. I am available for a variety of work and love a challenge. I also have an interest in producing, directing and dramatugy. I write and self direct and also write for other people. I am creator of The Transgender Walking Project and often perform at Fringe festivals around the country as Atomic Clock Theatre in collaboration with several other actors/performers.

I am a (trans) live artist and performer. I am available for a variety of work and love a challenge. I also have an interest in producing and directing.

Although I don’t take myself seriously, I do take my work seriously and am looking for opportunities in the Bristol, Bath and South Wales areas.

I am a transgender (trans-masculine non-binary to be exact if we want to get pedantic) forty something year old father, artist and performer. I have an inability to sit around doing nothing so I will give anything a go at least eight times. I originally started as a fine artist and twenty years later left my job and started a performance degree. Better late than never…which is strange as I hate being late for anything.


ELEPHANTS (are the Largest Land Mammals).

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“A funny and thought provoking exploration of loss, through one young person’s philosophy of life.”

Young people are often demonised, but no one should be generalised. Where some city teens might join gangs or different ways to belong, rural teenagers can often feel isolated if nothing is provided for them to do. Each person is an individual, with a reason for their actions. Squirrel could be any young person in any rural area, anywhere in the UK. I knew Squirrel, Squirrel was my friend, Squirrel was me, Squirrel might also have been you. Meet Squirrel. Tickets available