Nicholas Atkins


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E-mail: [email protected]
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I’m a session drummer/composer, music producer

DRUMMING: I have played drums for over 16 years, and during this time have performed with a diverse range of groups, including pop/rock/funk/jazz-bands, acoustic duos and orchestras – and even as a soloist.

Working with an eclectic mix of ensembles has allowed me to adapt quickly and thrive naturally in new musical environments. In-depth experience is vital when adjusting drumming techniques to suit fresh musical challenges.

My University degree specialised in musicianship, and I dedicated three years to the drum kit, clinically developing hand/foot techniques and enhancing my knowledge of many different grooves. Not least, this taught me how to learn new genres quickly and proficiently – a crucial skill when working under pressure.

Having played professionally since graduating in 2004, I have gained extensive experience both in the studio and on the live stage. These two environments apply contrasting pressures, and my familiarity with both areas enables me to work with ease under potential stress. I have completed a wide variety of contracts, including theatre tours, studio sessions for a number of recording artists and live radio broadcasts.

A confident sight-reader, I am also very experienced with use of click tracks.

For drumming enquires please contact me at: [email protected]



Touring (UK, Europe, Canada)
Theatre production shows
Studio sessions
Live radio performances
Touring with tribute bands
Corporate functions
Resident drummer for P&O
Performing to crowds of 6000+



I have four years experience producing and engineering at a commercial recording studio in Bristol, UK.

Since every person has different musical tastes, all recordings produced by me are tailor-made just for you. When you invest in a recording project, it is essential that your requirements are met down to the finest detail, and a meticulous approach ensures that all clients walk away with results exceeding their expectations.

I specialise in assisting bands and songwriters improve their compositions, and apply my broad knowledge of music to advise how to produce the best results. Whether you require me to develop harmonies for backing vocals, write a string arrangement or even completely re-work a song, no challenge is too great.

With a flexible range of recording and processing tools, including a comprehensive range of software instruments, I can cater for any musical style and achieve results limited only by the imagination.
In addition to arranging music for musicians, I can compose for you in a huge range of musical styles. You may want a jingle for a radio commercial, a soundtrack to complement visual media or maybe Foley for film. My knowledge of global music enables me to create original work unique to you or your company. Previous contracts include:

•    Music for corporate use
•    Soundtracks for short features
•    Foley effects for film
•    TV theme tunes
•    Music for web documentaries

For production or composition enquires, please contact me at: [email protected]