Pam Beddard

Bristol-based publicist with oodles of experience at promoting – and winning audiences for – arts activities of many types, including circus, dance, exhibitions, festivals and theatre .

Pam Beddard is an effective and affordable publicist with a long and strong track record of winning public, media and stakeholder support for artists and arts activity.  

As well as offering hands-on publicity and marketing support, Pam devises communications, audience development and promotional strategies, and offers training in how to attract &/or handle the media and on low/no-budget marketing.

Recent projects include promoting a new play about WW1 concert parties, a storytelling tour, Bristol’s first Cary Grant festival, Bath Film Festival and the Slapstick festival of silent and vintage comedy.

She also works on film/tv publicity and on photographic exhibitions. For more info, please see:



Silent Comedy Gala

Actor Paul McGann hosts Slapstick’s much loved silent comedy film gala featuring classics starring Keaton, Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy and live music.

I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again – again

Recreated live on stage, with three of its original cast, an updated version of the zany radio show which helped to kick-start a UK comedy revolution.