Paul Hurley

Paul Hurley is a performance artist and researcher.

Paul Hurley works predominantly in performance art, with occasional forays into video, photography and installation. His practice is both body-based and grounded in a strong theoretical framework (which is not to say it’s devoid of humour). Creating performances since 2002, in recent years Paul’s work has explored what he calls “the shamanoid”, queering ritual and classic action art aesthetics, alongside developing socially-engaged projects with communities and groups around food, technology, labour and social change.

Paul has had his work presented in galleries, theatres and public spaces internationally and has been involved in organising numerous artist-led projects and events. He has collaborated with many other artists including Caleb Parkin, Shaun Caton, Clare Thornton, Dane Watkins, Uninvited Guests, Manuel Vason, Kathe Izzo and Kim Fielding. Paul has a PhD from the University of Bristol, supported by a collaborative AHRC Award in partnership with Arnoflini, and has worked in numerous HE institutions as a researcher and educator.