Rhiannon Williams


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I am a Bachelor Honors graduate with a degree in Drama with Creative Writing and have been part of retail businesses over the past five years. I am an ambitious, outgoing individual who is always keen and willing to help others.
I am someone who is friendly, energetic and enjoys spending time with people looking to build successful relationships with them. I am also interested in the theatre and entertainment industry, as well as looking for work associated with creative writing, performing arts and media.

Additional Information

Team work: Work well with successful levels of self-motivation. I am capable of listening to an agreed target, instructions and work well with other people. Am able to resolve an issue in a responsible manner and feel more comfortable after the situation is solved.

IT: Highly capable of using Microsoft Office. Interest in social media, internet, and strongly love to create my own poems, songs and edit scripts that I have written. I have also created my own social group based on creative writing.

Achievements and Interests

College: Became a student representative in my second year which included regular meetings, in which to discuss and elaborate on ideas of how students can get involved in events and what students disliked about their course or facilities.


Volunteering: I have taken part in a carnival club event. I dressed up for a particular theme or character with a group of people to raise money for charity. I was also involved as an extra in the television series Casualty, which was filmed at my college for the day. I have been involved with an after school drama club for five and six year olds and helped the children with their communication skills.  Another volunteer member created a script about bullying which the children performed to their parents and school teachers. As a volunteering group member I got involved playing games with the children and helped them learn their lines for the character they were playing.

Communication: Can deliver presentations on a researched topic to target audience and answer difficult questions. E.g. research on French Surrealism and Establishments for Avant Garde module. I discussed about how group rehearsals were improving on the devised piece for French surrealism, used quotes from practitioners and for my other presentation how the establishment has changed from the 1960’s to today which included pictures of politicians, power and my own thoughts.

Music: Varied taste. Particularly enjoy rock, metal, dance and pop.

Travel: First travelled to France on my own when I was fifteen to stay with friends of the family for a week. I also plan to go to America for six months in the near future.