Ria Hartley

Ria Hartley is an interdisciplinary solo performance artist, researcher and educator based in the South West of England. Working within the mediums of devised theatre, site-specific and durational performance, live art, installation, video, photography, and socially –engaged art, her practice focuses on exchange, memory, interaction and communication, by constructing temporal, spatial and material encounters with a public in order to blur the relationship between performer and audience, space and situation.

Her current research is autobiographical and investigates the retracing of her diasporic identity through (re)locating her absent, representational, material and genetic body. Hartley has taught as an associate lecturer in BA Theatre at the University of Falmouth since 2010. She has delivered various training in devised theatre, media and performance and site-specific theatre.

Hartley is currently working with performance writing, spoken word, and dubtheatre for her solo performance Matilda and Me (Spring/Summer tour 2014). Recent projects include SUBJECT I (2013), The Self- Marriage of Ria Hartley (2013), Tension/Release/Transformation (2012) The Train Project (2011), Myself Archive (2011). Each of Hartley’s works pay close attention to memory, identity, human relationships, and shared narratives and often invites participation and exchange between herself and her audiences.