Roanna Davidson


I am an actress and theatre maker relocating to Bristol. I’m keen to get stuck into the Arts scene and find collaborators to make theatre with.

The type of work I like to make encourages the audience to asses their behaviour through active engagement. Often taking the form of immersive or interactive theatre in which the audience take an active role in developing the narrative.

The stimulus is often social political issues and always drives to provoke questions , rather than making comments. I write, devise and improvise through-out my process and like to extend an element of volatile improvised play into performance. I enjoy talking directly to and being influenced by the audience.

My solo game theatre show ‘Ego et Al’ is looking for a remount this year. This interactive show provokes the audience to examine their relationship with their online personas. Questioning if your reputation is something that you own? Are you looking the right way?

I have two projects for 2019 that I’m looking to explore, both in Bristol and using my connections in Glasgow. The first has just been born out of a writers residency called Bedtime Stories for little girls. It is a dark fantasy piece written in verse exposing the formulaic and performative approach to sex in the 21st century.
The second is an as yet unnamed piece interactive piece exploring sensory experiences and the challenges of adults with autism negotiating the ‘neuro-typical world’. I want this to feel very Bristol, rich in cross arts and in a buoyant non traditional theatrical space. I want to arm the audience with the tools to realize the multitude of planes we use to communicate with each other. I’ve got some really exciting people in place to explore this subject and a residency at the Tobacco Factory later in the year.

I’m also an actress ready for hire! I have worked extensively with outdoor and site specific projects all over the U.K. I am an experienced Role Player and have worked with the Police, in the corporate sector and with Medical students and health care professionals. I also design and make set, props and costume.

So that’s quite enough about me. Please do get in touch if anything you have read has tickled your fancy.