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Bristol based and in my early 70s I am comfortable directing, stage managing and playing a range of characters.

Age 71, I direct and act.

My move into stage directing began in 2012 with a series of rehearsed reading including Lucy Gannon’s ‘Keeping Tom Nice’, Tom Stoppard’s 15-minute Hamlet’ and Allan Bennett’s ‘Green Forms’. Full productions as director include Pinter’s ‘The Lover’ in 2013, Peter Quilter’s ‘Duets’, John Patrick Shanley’s ‘DOUBT: a parable’ and most recently David Hare’s ‘The Secret Rapture’.  

I am comfortable playing a range of characters: ‘larger than life’ through to criminal/Mr Big types and quiet/withdrawn ones. I have acted, paid and unpaid, in theatre (indoor and out), film, training videos and role play. I draw on my life experience as father, husband, academic, in business, management consulting/leadership trainer, youth worker and potter (I still have my own workshop). Born and bred in West Wales my normal speaking voice is RPish with some of my Welsh accent coming through. I have a reasonable bass singing voice and have sung solo and in choirs.

TV work has focused on a film for PBS in America; playing Benjamin Franklin in ‘Ben Franklin’s Bones’, presented by Icon Films in 2015. Stage roles have included Grampy/Jim (‘Kurt Cobain’s in my Cupboard’) using my native Welsh accent and Dad/Maurice (‘The Self Help Group’) at The Tobacco Factory‘s Brewery Theatre, The Pedant in ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and Jellaby in ‘Arcadia’.   Film work has included Sam the doorkeeper to heaven or hell, (Overlook Films’ ‘Waiting’), ‘The Claw’ and as a Nazi Nurse in ‘Resistance’ for Roaring Girl Productions.

Nowadasy line learning is a challenge so I tend to apppear in significant non-speaking roles (as I did in the Icon Films production) or with few lines to learn.

I’ve worked as AD and SM on several shows.

I am open to directing opportunities locally, regionally and nationally and small character or unscripted/silent performance roles both paid and unpaid.

You can find my showreel, which includes a voiceover at

DVDs of films I’ve been in are available for viewing.