Rosemary Dun

Published author, founder of Big Mouth Cabaret, performance poet, scriptwriter, OU tutor, creative writing workshops and performance workshops

“Rosemary Dun is the personification of John Lennon reincarnated as a Punk Rock Guinea Pig looking for love in the small ads and the petrol pumps of life.” Helên Thomas, Poet and tutor

“Confident wry verse on being stalked by footballer David Beckham, and the romantic drawbacks of poets.” Bristol Evening Post

“her deceptively disarming tone hides a satirical wit that’s sharper than a pair of stilettos (and we’re not talking shoes).” Tom Phillips, Venue Magazine.

“Rosemary Dun’s mojo works.” Elvis McGonagall, poet and regular on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live.

Rosemary has never recovered from the halcyon days of the Thatcher-hating 80s. She still has the face of Thatcher pinned to a darts board on the back of her office door. A long-time fan of Bananarama (pure genius and from Bristol!) she was keen to turn her hobbies of staring out of the window and showing off in public into some sort of career. She is now a performance poet, writer and tutor.

Her 2 children have survived her mothering skills – mainly consisting of “get yourself something out of the fridge” and can’t be arsed to cook or clean tactics – to become more mature than her.

At the fag end of the last century she set up Big Mouth Cabaret with her cantankerous assistant Tom Phillips and now organises and hosts regular Big Mouth Cabaret events, including Big Mouth master classes which saw the launch of such poets as Byron Vincent and Beryl The Feral. She has performed alongside John Hegley, Attila The Stockbroker, Elvis McGonagall, has won slams, toured and performed at many festivals both in the UK and the US. She has been published widely, both nationally and internationally, and is proud to be a member of Stroud Football Poets. She was commissioned to write and perform a poem as part of ITV1’s season on singles called “The Trouble With Love.” One of her football poems is on the school curriculum in Finland and another in a German schools textbook. Catch her short short poetry alongside Pop Idol and X-Factor finalists on

According to Google “Rosemary looks like a cheap Vegas showgirl”!! She reckons that’s a compliment.