Sally Reay

I am the new South West Development Officer for Voluntary Arts (as of January 2020). I am currently working on the BBC supported Get Creative Festival 2020 with the aim of celebrating and shining a spotlight on all the quiet creativity that happens in our communities every week. We are particularly trying to reach out to people involved in everything from traditional amateur arts and crafts (singing, dancing, drama, knitting, painting, sewing – and lots more besides) to wider definitions of creativity such as digital arts, or expressing yourself in the kitchen or garden.  However, we also want to make contact with all the community centres, arts venues and hubs too! Contact [email protected] for more information, we also offer free support and advice.

Voluntary Arts works to promote and increase active participation in creative cultural activities across the UK and Republic of Ireland. We work with everyone who gets creative purely for the love of it. We also work with anyone who helps facilitate creative participation, those who fund it, provide spaces for it to happen, and the people who work alongside communities to support them in their creative endeavours. Voluntary Arts was established in 1991 to support and represent the amateur and voluntary creativity taking place in all of our communities. It runs the annual Epic Awards to recognise outstanding achievements in the field and is a key stakeholder in the Get Creative campaign.