Samantha Wollacott

A 19 year old theatre enthusiast.
I spend a majority of my time emailing professionals and theatre companies asking for vacancies or some kind of theatre work.
Also spend alot of my time trying to find local plays or theatrical shows to involve myself in.
I am a self taught dancer, I like to think of myself as a pro in Tribute Michael Jackson dance.
I have danced in the Victora Rooms as a youngster and performed in the Bristol Old Vic Studio Theatre, more recently.

When I first entered my teens I had a strange love for music, it ranged from singing to sound production, as I started to attend the theatres I realised that my love for music was indeed a love to perform.

I’ve always had the dream of becoming extremely sucessful in this industry but never knew whom to network with or where to actually start.

I have performed in the Victoria Rooms as a young child, and more recently performed at the Bristol Old Vic in a stage producion made from the fellow actors/actress’ and stage crew.

My journey is currently emailing many theatres and Producers around England asking for any details or opportunities they may have that are suitable.

It would be amazing to actually meet up and chat with people who are interested in Performance, who actually have been on the stage and find out more about that.

I’m willing to start of in the bottom ranks and work my way up as I hope to one day make performing on stage a living job for myself. I’m very well driven for this and I do work extremely hard to find networks.