Shane Chauhan

My Name Is Shane Chauhan and I am an experienced Guitar teacher currently living and working in the Bristol area. I offer amazing personalised guitar lessons that are always catered to my student’s tastes as I believe that this is the best way to improve as a guitar player or to develop if you haven’t started learning yet. I personally enjoy playing a wide range of styles on both electric and acoustic and I hope that this is something I can pass onto you. For more information please visit my website or drop me a message.

More About Me

I am a musician and music enthusiast living and working in the Bristol area. I currently teach for the company Guitar Lessons Bristol. I love to teach my students all about the arts and all about the music industry as well.  I am a qualified music teacher. Having achieved three A Levels including Music and Music Technology alongside BA Hons degree Music Technology.

I have many years of experience in playing and performing around the Bristol area. Music has been my passion from a very young age and I am showing no signs of ever stopping my passion. I am lucky enough to be able to pass on my passion to other musicians and that is something I will always be thankful for. If you have any questions about music or guitar in the Bristol area feel free to give me an email or a message & for more information please check out my website.