Thomas Hatherley

I always wanted to act, I joined a local drama group when I was six and went from there. In my teens I worked with The Villagers Open Air Shakespeare Company and performed some of his lesser known plays. In the last few years I’ve been working professionally doing murder mystery events, and until recently I was based in Portsmouth where I worked with Southsea Castle and the Mary Rose Trust as Henry VIII. Since moving to Bristol I have worked with both E4 and channel 4 as well as extra-ed in a couple of films, most recently as a Zombie in the locally filmed Zombie King. No matter what I do the theatre is where I feel most at home, though I enjoy working on screen as well.

I have been acting professionally since 2008, initially with a company that specialised in murder mystery evenings and team building. Since moving to Bristol two years ago I have worked on a number of stage productions with local companies, including a taking a play to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year. I have also work in both film and television as a supporting artist. I have experience in stage fighting, fencing both foil and sabre, horse riding and archery.

 I have been acting with local and amateur groups since I was nine years old and my education has been geared towards perusing a career in the profession. I have always been interested in various mask performance traditions, especially Commedia Dell’arte. As well as performing and reading plays I also enjoy being in the audience, particularly local independent/fringe theatre.

 Aside from acting, my interests include: reading books of various genres; watching films both at home and at the cinema; writing; sketching; and photography. I also have a interest in history, both local and further afield.